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Tristan Wolf


"Tristan was a loner... mysterious eyes, dark brown hair and a mouth that hardly ever smile. When he was a baby he  had been abandoned in the forest..."

That's how this mystic tale starts and tells us the story of an imaginative boy who loves his wolf family but would also like to see the other side of the world. A Finalist of the 2013 Readers' Favorite Awards and also one of the Top 10 Children's books of the 2013 Gittle List, Tristan Wolf will enchant you with its beautiful yet simple prose and charming originality.


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Also available on KINDLE in English and Spanish



Narrated by the fantastic voice artist Jill Cofsky

Tristan Wolf Sample - Mariana Llanos/Jill Cofsky
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A Planet for Tristan Wolf is the proud winner of a Honorable Mention at The New England Book Festival

A Planet for Tristan Wolf


Tristan Wolf newest adventure... this time to outer space!  After fighting with his brother, Billy, Tristan and his best friend, Red, run away… to another planet! They want to start over with a new life, in a new place, far away from angry brothers. But this new planet is strange. There are no plants, no parks, and no sun. And Tristan can’t figure out exactly why everyone there is a strange shade of green. Find out what happens in this page-turning and fun 5-stars story!

Available in Paperback.

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