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A virtual fieldtrip is a great way to learn more about writing and to encourage students to be creative through reading and writing and also to have FUN!

Currently, I'm visiting schools via Zoom or other platforms.

Class must read my book (s) prior to visit.

These are my different fieldtrips. They can be customized for different age groups. All sessions include a Q&A.

  • Fieldtrip to Cusco 

Let's travel on the train to Machu Picchu and learn about the Inkas! Through pictures and videos I'll tell you all there's to know about this amazing Inka city.

 Writing related topics: 

  • Non-fiction writing research 

  • Writing historical fiction

  • Finding inspiration in real places and people

  • Into the writer's den

In this fieldtrip we will look into the life of a writer. With pictures and examples I'll share my experience being a writer from a young age. I'll share my top ten writing tips for young writers and my What's An Idea Anyway video. Most importantly I will encourage kids to READ!

  • FEES:

Whole day visit (3 sessions): $350

One classroom: $150

If your school has a different budget, just contact me and we'll make it work!

  • Library Night Reading

Includes one book reading and Q&A ONLY (45 min. visit). This is for libraries doing events outside school hours.

FEE: $75

  • FREE 20 minute Q&A visit to classrooms that have read my books!






In person visits are my favorite thing to do because nothing beats the warmth and interaction of being together in the same room. Once it's safe for your school, contact me so we can arrange a visit.

I have shared my In-Person program with many schools and I can't wait to share it with you!

 My visits are interactive, inspiring and encourage student participation! 

  • My main goal is to inspire children to write and create. Also, I'd like to foster the love for reading as a healthy habit.

  • Your students will benefit from meeting a real-life author who loves reading as much as creating her own books.

  • Each presentation is geared toward the specific age group... from kindergarten to high school!

  • I have experience visiting schools. Not only I have visited over 150 schools through Skype, but I've also visited schools in Oklahoma in the Putnam City District and OKCPS. My 8 year experience as a preschool teacher has given me the necessary tools to keep children engaged, focused, and motivated.

  • With older classes, I'll share pictures as well as writing examples, some of my own rewrites and edits, and anyone said rejection letters? Yup! That's all part of being a writer!...

  • I'd love to speak in Spanish with your ESL or ELL students! As an English as a Second language speaker myself, I'll be glad to encourage them to keep on pushing through the challenges of language learning. And boy, do I have some interesting stories to tell.

  • Children of all backgrounds benefit from meeting a writer who is immigrant, and bilingual. Representation matters!

FEES for the 2021-2022 school year:


  • One presentation: $250 per visit in Oklahoma City (45 minutes aprox.)

  • Full Day presentation in Oklahoma City: (three presentations) $600

  • Travel expenses/time/mileage will be added to schools outside Oklahoma City. Contact me for a quote.

  • After school family nights and literacy nights: One reading, books signing, Q&A (30-40 min.): $100

  • Outside Oklahoma Full Day Presentation: $900+accommodation+airfare+meals

  • All fees are FLEXIBLE. Contact me if you'd like to discuss your budget.

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