My school presentations include reading of one of my books (depending on grade level), a presentation about reading, writing, and imagination, and a Q&A. My visits are interactive, inspiring and encourage student participation! 

  • My main goal is to inspire children to write and create. Also, I'd like to foster the love for reading as a healthy habit.

  • Your students will benefit from meeting a real-life author who loves reading as much as creating her own books.

  • Each presentation is geared toward the specific age group... from kindergarten to high school!

  • I have experience visiting schools. Not only I have visited over 150 schools through Skype, but I've also visited schools in Oklahoma in the Putnam City District and OKCPS. My 8 year experience as a preschool teacher has given me the necessary tools to keep children engaged, focused, and motivated.

  • With older classes, I'll share pictures as well as writing examples, some of my own rewrites and edits, and anyone said rejection letters? Yup! That's all part of being a writer!...

  • I'd love to speak in Spanish with your ESL or ELL students! As an English as a Second language speaker myself, I'll be glad to encourage them to keep on pushing through the challenges of language learning. And boy, do I have some interesting stories to tell.

  • Children of all backgrounds benefit from meeting a writer who is immigrant, and bilingual. Let's break stereotypes together! Representation matters!

RATES for the 2018-2019 school year:


  • One presentation: $250 per visit in Oklahoma City(45 minutes aprox.)

  • Full Day presentation in Oklahoma City: (three presentations) $600

  • Travel expenses/time/mileage will be added to schools outside Oklahoma City. Contact me for a quote.

  • After school family nights and literacy nights One reading, books signing, Q&A (30-40 min.): $100

  • Outside Oklahoma Full Day Presentation: $900+accommodation+airfare+meals

  • All fees are FLEXIBLE. Contact me if you'd like to discuss your budget.

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Contact me to discuss rates and BOOK YOUR VISIT!


What can your students expect?

  • FUN!

  • Answer to their questions

  • Participation

  • First look into my writing bloopers!


  • Inspiration

  • My best writing tips, and how to fish for ideas

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