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No Birthday for Mara


The day that Mara waited for all year long has finally arrived!

She wakes up excitedly knowing that it is her birthday:

a perfect day, the best day of them all. Oh, yes! Mara is sure

that great things will take place today! But, instead, something

strange happens when Mom doesn’t even give her a birthday

hug… nor her Dad… or Sandy, her babysitter.

They act as if it were just any ordinary day… Have they all

forgotten about Mara’s birthday? Will someone, anyone,

remember about her day? And most importantly… will she get

the polka-dotted baby elephant she asked for a present?


This fun book includes four coloring pages with writing prompt

and a brief "The Way We Feel" section at the end of the book,

that can help parents and children talk about emotions and the

way we feel throughout our day.

En español:

Mara sin Cumpleaños

No Birthday for mara is a winner of the gittle list 2015!

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